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Biriukov V. V., Strelkov A. K., Atanov N. A., Zaiko V. A.

Criteria for evaluation of the «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy»’s activities for 2012–2015 period


The data on the activities of «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy» LLC in achieving the criteria set in the municipal property – Samara water supply and wastewater disposal systems – leasing contract of March 14, 2012, for three years are quoted. The criteria include: reduction of the failure rate of the water supply system; reduction of sewer blockages; reduction of the specific power consumption in water supply; reduction of the specific power consumption in wastewater disposal; reduction of water losses. The actual data on the operation of «Samarskie Kommunal’nye Sistemy» LLC for 2012–2015 period proves conclusively that all the five criteria of the technical performance indicators set in the leasing contract have been fulfilled by the target date. The amounts of finance and measures that provided for meeting the requirements of the tender application are presented.

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