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Galiullin M. F., Rodin N. V., Bychkov D. A., Gerasimov D. S.

Automation of water supply in the Tumen distribution network


In 2016 the system of automated control of the second-lift water pumping stations of the Metelevskii and Velizhanskii water intakes was put into industrial operation. For the first time the functions of maintaining the standard operating pressure and supply of the required water amount from the second-lift pumping stations to the municipal water distribution network were automated. Introducing the complex of controlling the operation of the second-lift pumping stations on the basis of the data on the pressure in the dictating points of the network in real time mode provided for qualitatively improving the operation efficiency of the distribution network. The introduction of the automated process control system in the water supply allowed reducing pressure fluctuation in the municipal distribution network. The result was the reduction of the failure rate. Automatic maintaining the operation mode of the municipal distribution network provided for eliminating the excess pressure at the pumping stations that were unavoidable in the manual control mode. According to the expert estimates the potential of pressure reduction in the collection pipelines of the second-lift pumping stations of the Metelevskii and Velizhanskii water intakes is 10–15%. The reduction of the energy consumption with the use of a variable speed drive will be equal to the pressure reduction.

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