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Samburskii G. A., Plitman S. I., Pestov S. M., Tulakin A. V., Ampleeva G. P.

On some problems in water treatment related to the implementation  of «On water supply and wastewater disposal» Act


A number of problems of regulating the process of drinking water purification for public water supply systems related to the water quality meeting the established hygienic requirements and performance targets are considered. It is shown that water and wastewater providers using the methods of risk assessment can optimize the measures aimed at improving the quality of drinking water in the context of choosing the implementation dates and priorities. It is noted that measuring water quality parameters without any consi­deration for procedural and sampling errors may not reflect actual concentrations of pollutants in drinking water in public water supply systems; whereas five-fold exceeding maximum permissible concentrations is possible which cont­ravenes both drinking water hygienic standards and criteria of significant drinking water quality deterioration.

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