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UDC 628.356.1:621.61

Posupon'ko S. V., Sagakov I. O., Butko A. V.

Optimization of the power consumption at the air blower house of «Rostov Wastewater Treatment Plant» Production Facility


The air blower house is the main electric consumer at the wastewater treatment facilities. Possible ways of energy saving at the Rostov Wastewater Treatment Plant are considered. With this purpose the measures aimed at the optimization of the operation of TSNV 800/1,6 centrifugal air pump were taken. As part of the studies the operation of the air blower house in winter period was investigated together with the possible power efficient mode of TSNV 800/1,6 centrifugal air pump operation using the method of gate valve throttling at the suction pipe. The tests showed that 60° opening the throttling vale provided for the most efficient operation of the blower. During the tests the stable and efficient operation of TSNV 800/1,6 blower at 90 to 60° reduction of the opening angle of the throttling valve with the reduction of the power consumption. Basing on the results of the studies the schedules determining the method of operation of the blowers at the wastewater treatment plant were developed.

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