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Lemaire Romain, Zhao Hong, Thomson Chris, Christensson Magnus, Piveteau Simon, Hemmingsen Steen, Veuillet Frederic, Zozor Philippe, Ochoa Juan

Mainstream deammonification with ANITA™Mox Process


ANITA™Mox process is a single-stage deammonification process utilizing moving bed biofilm reactor (MBBR) technology. Previous studies demonstrated that Integrated Fixed-Film Activated Sludge (IFAS) configurationwas an effective approach to improve the ANITA™Mox performance for sidestream treatment. In this study, IFAS ANITA™Mox was successfully applied as a mainstream process to treat secondary effluent with low COD content at both pilot- and prototype-scale. The IFAS ANITA™Mox unique feature of easy and robust separation system (i. e. media sieves) to retain anammox biomass in the reactor is a clear advantage for mainstream application. Continuous bioaugmentation strategies based on carriers recirculation and alternating feed between sidestream and mainstream have been developed to boost anammox activity and strongly repress the NOB. Preliminary pilot trialson low COD effluent from C-stage MBBR achieved NH4 removal rate of 1.4 g/(m2·d) at 23°C. Results from a 50 m3 prototype where thebioaugmentation strategy was implemented show efficient suppression of the NOB activity while achieving a N-removal rate up to 0.3 kg/(m3·d) at 18°C after only a few months of operation which is already higher than what is commonly achieved in conventional activated sludge systems. Additional studies are underway to further demonstrate the advantage of the IFAS ANITA™Mox process for mainstream deammonification application and how this process can be integrated in a general WWTP scheme to deliver all the foresee benefits on energy recovery and OPEX savings.

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