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UDC 628.14.001.57

Butko A. V., Kur'ianov S. A., Shibaeva N. A.

The use of geographic information systems in the Rostov Vodokanal operations


The efficient operation of water supply systems in the cities is impossible without using advanced geographic information technologies. They provide for accumulating and organizing significant amounts of the daily incoming data that characterize the process and energy parameters of different equipment at the water and wastewater facilities – from water intakes to effluent outfalls. The information from 44 master control points, 80 water pumping stations of the first through fourth stages, potable and process water meters, meters of the effluent discharged into the surface water bodies is acquired in real-time mode. Processing this information, controlling and adjusting 45 pressure control valves and other work related to maintaining the set process flow pattern at the water and wastewater facilities located on the territory of more than 34,850 hectares require reliable assistants. These particular assistants, ZuluHydro and ZuluDrain home-made systems, are used by the engineers and technicians of «Rostovvodokanal» JSC in their routine work. The practical use of the processed information in the analytical and operational activities significantly reduces the time for making technologically correct decisions and provides for obtaining real benefits in the form of reduced energy costs and saving in material resources consumption.

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