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Kriven' A. P., Ovcharova I. V.

JD Multi-Disk Dehydrator – an innovative solution  for sludge dewatering


«EKOTON» Industrial Group has been broadening the range of equipment for wastewater sludge dewatering. In addition to belt and chamber filter-presses, and screw dehydrators «EKOTON» Company in cooperation with TSURUMI PUMP, Japanese company, launched the licensed production of JD Series Multi-Disk Dehydrators. The unique design of the dehydrator precludes even a theoretical risk of working chamber clogging, whereas continuous self-cleaning of filtration pores with rotating disks during the operation of the unit provides for the filtrate discharge even when dewatering sludge containing fats and oils. The information on the design of JD Multi-Disk Dehydrator, the principle of operation of the dewatering facilities on the basis of this unit, the main advantages and diffe­rences compared to screw dehydrators is presented. The recommendations are given for the fields of domestic market application of the new equipment for dewatering wastewater sludge and industrial slurries of different origin.

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