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Mirskov A. N.

Tooling of a mobile milling robot machine for pipeline repair


The specific aspects of cutting tool operation designed for equipping a mobile milling robot machine that is used in the process of water and wastewater pipelines rehabilitation are considered. A set of tools has been designed consisting of a twistdrill, an end-milling cutter, a grinding wheel, a cutting-off abrasive wheel, a diamond head, a combined tool for fiberglass drilling and milling. The cutting tool set can be used for opening holes in metal pipes, cutting the ends of ceramic and reinforced concrete pipes, drilling and milling fiberglass covers. The cutting tool is fixed in a spindle unit of the robot machine and is electrically driven. To control the tooling process the robot operator uses a video camera with back light and telemetry data on the position of the work tools. The technical guides are given for using the tool. The developed tool has passed laboratory and field tests with the positive results.

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