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Alekseeva L. P., Alekseev S. E., Kourova L. V.

Optimization of low polluted water purification process


The ways of enhancing water coagulation processes at the operating water treatment plants with the purpose of reducing chemical costs are considered. The results of studying the conditions of different coagulants and floculants use in water purification from low polluted sources by the example of the Irtysh River are presented. It was stated that during both summer-fall and winter periods the use of aluminium oxychloride coagulant in combination with organic coagulants was most efficient for Irtysh water treatment. The effect and optimal parameters of mixing chemicals with water in the mixing chamber and flocculation tank is shown. The optimal conditions of water mixing in the mixing chamber during the summer period provided for reducing the turbidity of clarified water and filtrate by 20 and 35%, respectively; whereas enhancing slow mixing in the flocculation tank – by 35 and 63%, respectively. Du­ring the fall period the effect of mixing conditions is even higher and allows reducing the chemical dosage applied minimum twofold while maintaining the qua­lity of treated water. In winter when water treatment at the plant is actually carried out in contact coagulation mode the represen­ted data show that the optimal conditions of rapid mixing water with coagulants in the mixing chamber provide for the treated water turbidity 3–5 times lower compared to the treatment under the existing conditions even at lower dosages. It is shown that for low turbidity and low colored water reducing the chemical dosage requires more rapid and long-lasting water mixing in flocculation tanks.

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