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Strelkov A. K., Zotov Yu. N., Mikhailova I. I.

Calculation of hydraulic operation mode of in-door plumbing systems in tenement houses


The results of analytical investigation of selecting the characteristics and equipment for the in-door plumbing systems with the purpose of providing for the safe living conditions in tenement houses are presented. The algorithm of hydraulic calculations with account of the regulatory requirements to the advanced energy efficient domestic water supply and characteristics of the modern equipment is described. The necessity of making hydraulic calculations at the maximum and minimum water flow is shown. The mechanism of selecting optimal solutions for determining hydraulic characte­ristics of plumbing systems is considered. The recommendations for developing methodical procedures the fulfillment of which will ensure the legitimacy of the methods of making hydraulic calculations of the in-door plumbing systems in tenement houses are given. The main requirement to determining the pipe diameter in automated water supply systems is ensuring the compliance of the controlled medium parameters to the technical characteristics of the control valve to provide for the proper operation. The traditional method of selecting a pressure reducing valve provides for an approximate result because some basic data used in calculations is undefined until the hydraulic design is completed. Therefore, the implementation of this method involves design and check hydraulic calculations. Selecting a pressure reducing valve is significantly simplified when using the method developed in the Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. In contrast to the traditional in the method developed in Samara State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering all the basic data can be uniquely determined before making hydraulic calculations.

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