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UDC 628.212.2

Variushina G. P.

Specific features of collection and treatment of industrial stormwater runoff from motor transport enterprises


The urgency of the problem of industrial stormwater runoff collection and treatment has been caused by the continuous car density growth that is a high-toxic pollution source. The task of the studies was investigation and assessment of the motor transport enterprise impact on the municipal watershed health under current conditions. The results of inspecting water utilization schemes at motor transport enterprises, bus, trolley-bus and taxi depots, truck depots, motor pools of construction equipment, road machinery and specialty vehicles are presented. Core process flows: engine, radiator and machine battery part washing, fuel tank testing, parts and assemblies washing, outside washing and painting of motor vehicles were investigated. Full-scale inspection of local intrashop wastewater treatment facilities and intrasite surface runoff facilities was carried out; laboratory analyses of raw wastewater and effluent quantitative and qualitative parameters including oil products, suspended solids, salt content, synthetic surfactants, heavy metals etc. were made. Rational technical solutions for improving the operation of industrial stormwater runoff treatment facilities with the use of mechanical, physical and chemical treatment technologies including horizontal grit chambers, settlers-oil separators, pressure filter cascade with mineral granular media and high efficient sorption materials were suggested. At that, the efficiency of treatment meets the effluent requirements for being reused as process water or discharged into the municipal storm collector and water bodies.

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