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Medvedeva T. M., Kolokolova N. N., Skriabin M. E.

Investigating iron bacteria in catalytic biofilm in underground waters at the Velizhany water treatment facilities of Tumen


Underground water used for drinking water supply of Tumen is characterized by high concentrations of iron and manganese that 1.3–10.59 times exceed the maximum permissible level. Iron and manganese can be efficiently removed from natural water with the help of microbiological oxidation and sorption processes. The studies aimed at analyzing the underground source for the presence of iron bacteria group and determining the rate of catalytical biofilm formation. Water analysis for the presence of iron bacteria was carried out in sand filters of the Velizhany water treatment facilities by microscopic method with the use of iron cytochrome coloring with potassium ferrocyanide on exposed specimen slides. The slides were placed on styrofoam floats installed in the filters of the water treatment facilities. The results of the studies showed that the water from the underground source contained iron bacteria – they were found in catalytic biofilm. It was stated that the rate of biofilm generation with the participation of iron bacteria in sand filters of the Velizhany water treatment facilities at the media level was in average twice as high compared to the level of surface of the water being treated. Mass growth of iron bacteria on sand media proceeded for 8–12 hours; in the water being treated – for 22–24 hours. It might be caused by biological oxidation of iron and manganese at the media level. The studies carried out confirm the possible use of iron bacteria of catalytic biofilm in biological removal of iron and manganese from underground water at the Velizhany water treatment facilities.

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