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UDC 628.214:532.595.2

Primin O. G.

Ensuring reliable and environmentally safe operation of pressure sewers


Surge in a pipeline is a significant factor that is affecting the environmental safety and reliability of the public wastewater disposal system. In case of an emerging surge noticeable pressure fluctuations occur that could cause pipeline burst and damage of the related hydraulic and mechanical equipment (pumps, valves etc.). It results in sewage spills, material and environmental losses. The main causes of an emerging surge in municipal pressure sewers can be as follows: mains fai­lure, imperfections of the control schemes of the main pumping units at the sewage pumping stations. To ensure reliable operation of the pumping stations the use of hydromechanical devices as well as of high-speed emergency switching on automatic and protection devices including controlled electric drives and softstarters is provided. It was determined that in wastewater disposal practice hydromechanical fittings that reduce the surge effect shall be used. To prevent from surge water discharge through bypasses with installing safety valves and hydraulic tanks is used. In addition to wastewater discharge from pumping stations pressure sewers of intricate shape shall be equipped with air intake and relief devices at the intermediate points. It is found that surges in operation of sewage pumping stations can be eliminated by improving the reliability of external power supply by establishing truly independent power sources, designing combined power supply schemes, high-speed automatic switchover devices in 6–10 kV switchboards of big stations.

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