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KOZLOV M. N., Nikolaev Yu. A., GRACHEV V. A., Kevbrina M. V., Dorofeev A. G., Moizhes S. I.

M-Defanox – efficient technology of biological phosphorus removal from wastewater


Energy efficient technology of removing nutrients from wastewater that requires minimum amount of organics has been developed in Mosvodokanal MPUE. M-Defanox technology is based on the oxidation of maximum available organic matter in the process of denitrification with the use of dephosphating-denitrifying bacteria. In the process of experimental tests in the laboratory-scale reactor the efficiency of nitrogen removal was 99%, phosphorus removal – 86%, COD – 80%, BOD – 95%. The technology can sustain acute fluctuations of incoming pollutants. The results of pilot tests showed 99% efficiency of ammonia nitrogen removal and 85% efficiency of phosphate-phosphorus removal. The use of M-Defanox technology provided for 50% reduction of disposed excess activated sludge.

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