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UDC 628.

Ivashchenko G. I., Moiseev A. V., Riffel E. V., Shevchuk S. V., Yakimov S. Yu., Furmanova Yu. I.

Integrated Approach to Optimization of Operation of the Water Supply and Distribution System of the City of Omsk


An integrated approach to the optimization of operation of the water supply and distribution system of large cities based on hydraulic modelling with the use of modern software products is proposed. A possibility of adaptation to actual conditions of calculated results obtained by electronic simulation of water supply networks is shown on the example of Omsk. The solution of this problem makes it possible to model the necessary changes in the composition and mode of operation of each of the elements of a water supply network. The result of such an approach is reduction in the accident rate at networks and energy savings at pumping stations. Methods of execution of works, means of the measurement used, sequence of measures to be taken, the results obtained and possible prospects are presented.

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Российская ассоциация водоснабжения и водоотведения

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