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UDC 628.162

Getmantsev S. V., Linevich S. N.

Treatment and Disinfection of the Don’s Water at Contact Filters Using the Coagulant SKIF180 of the Latest Generation


The high efficient compact flowchart of treatment and disinfection of the Don’s water has been developed on the basis of experimental and theoretical studies carried out. In the process, mixers, coagulation chambers and sludge blanket clarifiers or settling tanks are eliminated from the scheme. The use of the method of contact coagulation with the high effective coagulant of SKIF™180 mark makes it possible to reduce reagent consumption by 65–70%, to exclude the necessity of primary disinfection of water with chlorine or reduce chlorine consumption to minimum, to ensure aluminum residual in water within the limits of MPC, to stabilize conditions of water treatment and reduce considerably the cost of water treatment.

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