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DANILOVICH D. A., KOZLOV M. N., Moyzhes O. V., Nikolaev Yu. A., KAZAKOVA E. A., GRACHEV V. A.

Anaerobic Oxidation of Ammonium for Removal of Nitrogen from High-Concentrated Wastewater


The first in Russia study of the technique of anaerobic oxidation of ammonium (ANAMMOX) applied for treatment of return flows from dewatering of digested sludge is described. The two-stage technique ANAMMOX with the use of two processes – partial nitrification and the process of anaerobic oxidation of ammonium itself – has been realized under laboratory conditions. Efficiency of nitrogen removal in a reactor was 90%, volumetric capacity of the reactor by nitrogen was 0,16 kg/m3 per day. Results obtained show that the process of autotroph removal of nitrogen is an attractive alternative technologically and economically to the traditional technique of nitri-denitrification.

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