"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №6 2009

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The State Program Pure Water 3
V. E. Ziberov.
About Realization of the State Program Pure Water, the Sverdlovsk Region as an Example
Directive of the Sverdlovsk Region Government 21
The Program Pure Water of the Sverdlovsk Region 22


Resolution of the All-Russian Conference Perspectives of Development of Centralized Water Supply and Water Disposal Systems in Russia 32


I. V. Berenshteyn.
Consequences of Licensing Cessation in the Construction Sphere for Water Supply and Water Disposal Organizations
Practical measures necessary to water supply and water disposal enterprises for minimization of risks working within the system of self-regulation are proposed.
Key words: licensing, self-regulation, self-regulating organization, non-commercial partnership, safety of capital construction objects.
UDC 628.
N. N. Kudryavtsev, S. V. Kostyuchenko, S. G. Zaytseva, A. V. Tulakin, G. V. Tsyplakova.
Evaluation of Possibility of By-Products Generation in the Course of Potable Water Ultraviolet Disinfection
Results of foreign and home authors' studies of the possibility of by-products generation in the course of potable water ultraviolet disinfection as well as the expert evaluation of these results by specialist of the F. F. Erisman Federal Scientific Center of Hygieneare presented. It is shown that disinfection with the help of low-pressure lamps is safe and doesn't lead to the generation of by-products.
Key words: ultraviolet disinfection, potable water, byproducts of disinfection, toxicity, mutagenicity, lowpressure and medium-pressure lamps.
UDC 628.16.085
A. K. Kinebas, E. D. Nefedova, A. V. Bekrenev, V. Yu. Yakovlev.
The Use of Ammonium Sulfate in the Process of Potable Water Disinfection
It is told about the changeover of St. Petersburg's water supply stations to the use of ammonium sulfate in the technological process of water disinfection with chloramination. Optimal conditions of the technological process realization have been determined. A centralized unit for dry reagent dissolution has been created; all city's water supply stations are supplied with concentrated solution of ammonium sulfate from this center. The use of ammonium sulfate solution instead of ammoniacal liquor for potable water disinfection makes it possible to liquidate the ammoniacal liquor storehouse and to exclude the possible impact of ammonium on the environment owing to leakages.
Key words: potable water, disinfection, chloramination, ammonium sulfate, sodium hypochlorite.
UDC 628.162.004.1
Syktyvkar Vodokanal: Successful Experience of Investments into Water Treatment 54
A. P. Svintsov, A. N. Malov, Yu. B. Nikolenko, E. A. Glebov, S. V. Gusakov.
Reliability of Sanitary Fittings under Operation Conditions
Results of the study of operation reliability of the most used water sanitary fittings (mixers for wash-stands, bathes, flush tanks) are presented. The number of these fittings used in modern centralized systems amount to tens of millions pieces, and the water loss because of their failures form the major part of water loss in these systems.
Key words: water supply, sanitary fittings, reliability, failure-free performance, operation, trouble, intensity, failure.
UDC 696.117.62-192
G. P. Medvedev, B. G. Mishukov, E. A. Solovieva.
Influence of Averaging of Wastewater Flow Rate and Composition on Operation of Aerotank-Nitrifiers
Issues of the increase of wastewater treatment efficiency as well as the reduction of amplitude of wastewater flow rate and composition fluctuations during twenty-four hours are considered. Introduction of balancing reservoirs and change of aerotank-nitrifier capacities makes it possible to reduce the influence of water inflow irregularity.
Key words: nitrification, flow rate averaging, ammonia nitrogen, activated sludge, aerotank, accumulators, facilities capacities, treatment facilities.
UDC 628.311
Abstracts of the Articles Published in the Issue № 6 71

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