"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №4 2009

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S. V. Khramen kov.
Pure Water is a Symbol of the Future
The basic theses of the conception of the City Target Intermediate Term Program Pure water of Moscow for the period 2010-2012 and on prospect till 2020 are presented.
Key words: water supply, water disposal, epidemic safety of water, disinfection, innovation technologies, investments.
UDC 628.1.2


A. V. Golovachev, E. M. Abrosimova.
The Use of Sodium Hypochlorite for Water Disinfection
Features of the use of sodium hypochlorite as a reagent for the disinfection of potable water at water supply and sewerage enterprises are considered.
Key words: chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, water disinfection, electrolysis units, safety.
UDC 628.162.8
V. E. Kuznetsov, S. V. Baranov.
On the Occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Operation of Water Disinfection Station in the City of Monchegorsk, Murmansk Region
The experience of conversion of chlorine handling equipment of water supply facilities of the big industrial center of Polar Regions to the use of safe and economically efficient technology of generation of disinfectant from sodium chloride solution is presented.
Key words: chlorination plant, chlorine storehouse, electrolysis, sodium chloride, disinfection, electrolysis cell.
UDC 628.162.842
Yu. A. Zharov, V. A. Pshenichnyy, A. A. Shilin.
Features of Operation of Potable Water Supply Reservoirs
Unified results of the inspection of the technical state of 14 potable water supply reservoirs in Moscow after the prolonged period of operation are presented. The main causes of damages of reservoirs' enclosing and bearing structures (force impact, corrosion processes) are analyzed. The design defects causing the accumulation of damages in structures elements are revealed. A complex of measures aimed at the improvement of steadiness of facilities and reduction of expenditures for their maintenance is proposed.
Key words: reservoirs, potable water, ground water, corrosion, drainage, deformation, air-tightness.
UDC 628.136.004.2
I. V. Baklashov, O. G. Primin, V. A. Orlov, K. E. Khrenov.
Strength Analysis of Pipeline + Polymeric Hose Double-Layer Structures
The basic criteria and main methodical approaches to the calculation and planning of rehabilitation work for restoration of engineering networks of water supply and water disposal systems are listed.
Key words: engineering networks, pipelines, trenchless technology, protective coatings, polymeric hose, strength analysis.
UDC 628.
A. A. Belousov.
Advantages of Decanting Centrifuges Andritz for Wastewater Sludge Dewatering
A. V. Gnipov, Ya. L. Khromchenko.
About Inapplicability of the Federal Law On Technical Regulation to Water Supply and Water Disposal
The development of an adequate normative base in the sphere of municipal water economy of Russia on the basis of the Federal Law № 184-ФЗ On Technical Regulation is impossible taking into account limitations contained in it.
Key words: municipal water economy, legislative and normative base, safety, technical regulation.
UDC 628.1.2
V. V. Prokofiev.
Investigation of Interrelation between Ground and Surface Water with Thermometric Methods
Results of the thermometric studies of interrelation between ground and surface water under natural conditions and at technogenic impact (ground water pumping out) as well in water body areas are presented.
Key words: ground and surface water, thermometric approach, bottom sediments, temperature regime, inversion of filtration flow.
UDC 628.11.001.2
T. G. Voynich-Syanozhentsky, E. V. Myasnikova.
Calculation of Module of Maximum Flow of Unexplored Rivers' Rainfall Floods
A dependence required for the evaluation of values of mo dules of maximum rainfall flow of unexplored rivers on the basis of available materials of observations of flow formation characteristics is presented. The examination of the dependence obtained for some regions makes it possible to recommend it for calculations in the case of lack of hydrometric observations.
Key words: rainfall flood, module of maximum rainfall flow, intensity of precipitation, evaporation, evaporability.
UDC 556.166
Yu. M. Meshengisser, Yu. V. Kolesnik, D. B. Zinchenko, F. A. Dayneko, A. V. Ganin.
The Use of New Method of Wastewater Sludge Dewatering
Results of the industrial tests of the method of advanced dewatering of municipal wastewater sludge with the use of electroosmotic units are presented.
Key words: municipal wastewater sludge, utilization, dewatering, moisture content, electroosmotic units.
UDC 628.336.4
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