"Water Supply and Sanitary Technique" Magazine, CONTENTS №10 (part 2) 2009

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V. G. Nikolaev.
Influence of Pumps Characteristics on Power Consumption of a Sewer Pumping Stations and Wastewater Treatment Quality
The operation of pump units of sewer pumping stations having its own features which should be taken into account in the course of designing and modernization of the existing stations is consi dered. Variants of the decision of a power saving problem taking into account operation conditions of the object are presented.
Key words: head, supply, regulated electric drive, pipeline system, pump, power consumption, loading.
UDC 621.65:62-531.3:628.1.2
A. K. Kinebas, M. N. Ipatko, Yu. V. Ruksin, Yu. A. Ilin, V. S. Ignatchik, S. Yu. Ignatchik.
Optimization of Water Supply within the Zone of Influence of the Uritsk Pumping Station of St. Petersburg
Methods of optimization of water supply and results of the work for power supply in the course of operation of the group of elevating pumping stations in the zone of influence of the Uritsk Pumping Station of St. Petersburg are presented.
Key words: pumping stations, pumps characteristics, power consumption, operating costs.
UDC 621.65:65-53/.3
A. K. Kinebas, M. N. Ipatko, Yu. A. Ilin, V. S. Ignatchik, S. Yu. Ignatchik.
Reconstruction of Water Supply System at the Southern Pumping Station of St. Petersburg
Methods and results of the work for power supply in the course of reconstruction of the multizone water supply system of St. Petersburg are presented.
Key words: multizone water supply system, pumping stations, pumps characteristics, power consumption, operating costs.
UDC 621.65:65-53/.3
V. S. Dikarevsky, V. G. Ivanov.
Anniversary of the Water Supply, Water Disposal and Hydraulics Chair of the St. Petersburg State University of Railway Engineering
R. Z. Shayakhmetov, V. V. Yakovlev.
Demanganization of Ground Water and Utilization of Water Treatment Sludge
It is told about the study of ground water biological demanganization. Factors influencing on the mechanism of manganese oxidation with iron bacteria as well as the flow chart of water treatment are presented. A comparison of the proposed biofilter design with foreign analogues is made. To prevent collection of manganese sludge the advanced treatment of them for production of a pigment, which can be used in paint and varnish materials, is recommended.
Key words: ground water, manganese, iron bacteria, demanganization, biofilter, manganese sludge.
UDC 628.162.1


V. G. Teslya.
Foundation of Length and Diameter of a Filter at Designing of Water Wells
The substantiation of key parameters of the filter - length and diameter - at designing of water intake wells is presented.
Key words: water intake well, aquifer, filter's length and diameter, specific flow rate, incoming velocity.
UDC 628.
Yu. I. Arefiev, L. P. Bezzateeva, N. N. Sukhova.
Influence of Mesh Elements Arrangement on Efficiency of a Sprinkler
Influence of an arrangement of long-length mesh elements on the efficiency of the sprinkler in mechanical and natural-draught cooling towers is considered. Classification of mesh sprinklers of different types according to the values of cooling ability and air-flow resistance is proposed.
Key words: sprinkler, cooling tower, mesh elements, corrugated pipes, cooling power, air-flow resistance.
UDC 624.97:621.175.3
E. B. Yurchevsky, A. G. Pervov, A. P. Andrianov, M. A. Pichugina.
Membrane Systems Used for Boiler Feed Water Treatment at Power Plants
Long experience of membrane reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration techniques application at Russian power facilities is described. Membrane techniques demonstrate high economical and environmental efficiencies when compared with conventional ion exchange yet require high operational costs and water consumption. Main operational costs (chemicals, electricity, membrane replacement) are attributed to pretreatment and fouling control. Main ways to improve membrane systems reliability and operational costs reduction are outlined.
Key words: water treatment, desalination, sodium-cation exchange, membrane, ion-exchange filter, reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration.
UDC 628.165:62-278:621.311
O. D. Loytsker, N. L. Egorov, S. A. Streltsov, D. A. Danilovich, A. V. Prilepsky, V. I. Zhukov, D. A. Levchenko, Yu. V. Tochilkin.
Regulating Shield Shutters of UV-Disinfection Systems as a Tool of Commercial Assessment of Wastewater
The approved and certified methods of measurement of wastewater flow rate in discharge channels of the Lubertsy Treatment Facilities of Moscow with the use of regulating shield shutters are presented.
Key words: disinfection, wastewater, UV-irradiation, regulation, flow rate, spillway, shield shutter.
UDC 628.311
T. A. Krasnova, A. K. Gorelkina, I. V. Timoshchuk.
Technology of Natural Water Adsorption Treatment for Chlorophenol and Phenol
The laws, features and mechanism of adsorption have been established on the basis of study of equilibrium of phenol, chlorophenol, and chlorophenol and phenol mix adsorption from water solutions with active carbons differing in nature, structure, specific surface and method of preliminary preparation. Possibility of improvement of the process efficiency owing to the increase of adsorption capacity of active coals has been studied.
Key words: natural water, chlorophenol, phenol, adsorption treatment, active carbon.
UDC 628.16.081.32
A. G. Pervov, L. K. Drobyshevsky.
Membrane Reverse Osmosis and Ultrafiltration Techniques in Brewery Processing
Results of the laboratory and pilot studies of the use of membranes for concentration of distillery stillage solutions at minimum operating costs are presented. The distinguishing feature of a new technique are the use of special membrane modules with low fouling propensities and two-three step membrane filtration as well to reduce the power consumption. Main characteristics of the developed process demonstrating the minimal power expenditure and high concentration rate are presented.
Key words: distillery stillage, suspended substances, non-organic salts, membranes, reverse osmosis.
UDC 628.33:62-278:663.5
M. D. Probirsky, B. A. Fedotov, S. E. Maskaleva.
Operational Experience of the South-West Treatment Facilities of St. Petersburg
An analysis of the four-year experience of operation of the South-West Treatment Facilities of St. Petersburg, which can be useful for specialists, is made.
Key words: construction, operation, maintenance, equipment, wastewater, treatment facilities, nitrogen, phosphorus, reagent.
UDC 628.32.004.1
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